Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's selling: 

Early 19th century English cup and saucer
 People always ask me what sells.  Tea items, among other things.  In this day,whole dinnerware sets go begging for attention, regardless of the cheap price. People often don't look for or use massive sets of china, like their mothers and grandmothers did.  But people love anything dealing with the lifestyle of taking tea. Teapots, tea caddys, tea strainers, cracker jars, pretty cups and saucers,jam jars and on and on. They always sell.  Be they clunky, paper thin,English, American, porcelain, pottery,
what have you, they will sell.  I don't know if its the Downton Abbey effect or the repeated efforts to slow down and smell the roses, that spur this on.  There is something available for every budget and lifestyle.  Keep your eyes open for good value and good prices.  Remember the adage of supply and demand.  Concentrate on good quality and fine condition.  Only the rarest of the rare has any value when damaged.

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