Monday, September 29, 2014

Querulous Quandaries:  
A section of the scandalous Black Studies unit.

 This happened years and years ago and really wasn't a question, instead it was one of worst, confusing and most ill placed dressing downs I'd ever received.

Door opens and a man, whom I've never seen before enters.

(me) Hi, let me know if you have any questions.
(man) Thank you. I'm browsing for now.

He makes his way about half way  through the store, before briskly walking back towards the front.  He stops in front of the counter where I'm at. 

(man)  I just wanted you to know that I will not shop here and I'll never be back.
(me) Sir, what's wrong? Can I help? 

By this time I can notice that he's gone pale and is starting to shake.  I mean he is furious.

(man)  I will not condone the poor treatment and flagrant disregard for humans and their race and culture! 

Well I'm shocked and puzzled at this point. 

(me) If I've done something wrong, tell me and I'll try to fix it. I'm kind of lost here.  
(man) How can you attempt to fix what I've seen what I've discovered to be the true nature of this store and its owner!
(me)  What is it that I've done!  (I'm getting mad myself.)

I'll pause here to state that book dealers and libraries so something strange... strange as in we put books into categories.  You know World War II, Poetry,  Religions, Classics and the like. 

(man) I see on that wall! That you have chosen to single out and segregate books on Africans and African Americans! And I will not condone nor accept it! 

I was almost dumb founded and speechless.

(me) That is a category. I have many black people who come in asking for the Black Studies section.  I keep it up front, as many of those titles are either fragile or are expensive.  AND if I had enough books on... China, I would keep them in their own categories too.   I in no way shape or form would single out or exclude any culture or nationality. It is a category and I'm sorry if you're upset BUT you are wrong!
(man) Its too late for covering up!  I see your heart and your intentions.  Good day! 

As he went out the door  I had to shout and ask him...
(me) Do you think its wrong that I have Kentucky in a separate section too!  lol.

 Boy, when I think back on all the people I've had come into the store I can't help but laugh or cry. 

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