Friday, September 26, 2014

Querulous Quandaries:

I had to laugh over this one.  For those who don't know, an astral lamp is an early type of whale oil lamp.

 Phone rings

(me) J. Sampson Antiques, Books & Appraisals
(man) How much is that astral lamp you have for sale?
(me) (I'm thinking of the astral SHADE, I actually have listed on eBay.) Opening is only $20.00.
(man) Well, its a stunner.  How much is it?
(me) Well, its for sale, right now, on eBay? The auction... you know.
(man) So, you don't have the lamp? It shows it with a lamp base, bronze column, marble base and long prisms.
(me) Sir, I'm confused. Where did you see this lamp of mine.
(man) Online.
(me) Where on the internet?
(man) On Pinterest.
(me) You're looking at my pins and albums? Sir, I don't have any of those things for sale. They're not mine.  I don't own any of those things.
(man) Well, I saw your name and phone number and I thought that those things were for sale.
(me) NO, that's not how pinterest works. Its just online images that everyone shares for reference and entertainment. Few people own ANY of the things that they put on their boards.
(man) Well, thanks anyway.  I thought it was some kind of catalog or something.
(me) Thanks for calling.

I had to laugh as DAMN I wish I did own the things I pin on pinterest. There is a lot of Kentucky coin silver, art, jewelry and partially naked women I'd love to say I owned.

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