Saturday, September 20, 2014

Querulous Quandaries: 

This was a funny one.  BTW:  these "Querulous Quandaries" are stories that happen to me here in the store!  Names and identities have been changed to protect the innocent. 
This HENRY HUGGINS not Higgins.

(me) HI, can I help you? 
(man) Yeah, have you got books by Tom Cleary? 
(me) Do you mean the the guy who wrote The Hunt For Red October?   That's Clancy. 
(man) No, that's the woman who wrote those kids books. All my kids read them. You know... Henry  Higgins that other little girl.
(me) That's  Huggins not Higgins.  
(man) YEAH! That's him. Have you got any books by him. 
(me) Nope I'm sorry I sure don't.
(man) OK, I'll just look around. 

He did buy a French/ English dictionary for $1.00.  
I wish him luck with it. 

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