Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well its the close of another Monday.  A few out today, but not too many.  I did have one odd customer to come in. She was very sweet but she horrified me. She fell twice in the store!Yes, falling in a store is the nightmare of any small business owner. She never admitted to it and I would see her just sitting on the floor reading a book. I offered her a chair, but she declined, saying that she "liked sitting on the floor. I heard the sound of someone falling.  You couldn't mistake that noise. I think that she had some type of health or eye issues. But, she seemed to take it all in stride and never said a word about it. The lady she was with, acted  as a caregiver or watcher.  Though she didn't do her job too well.  I'm sure that she had her hands full. She bought several books and I appreciate that, but damn she made me nervous. Here is to a great Tuesday.  Please no more falls, from customers or myself.  May sweet sleep cover you gently with her blanket of peace. Until tomorrow.

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