Sunday, September 28, 2014

As I sit here, with the crickets chirping on this cool fall night. I like to let my mind wander and pause and think about what happened in the store today. I'm glad that the day was busy and active at the store. The weather was incredible. There were lots of people out, even with all the festivals, in the surrounding communities. A saying among old merchants is, "Want to kill business on Main Street?  Have a festival." Sadly there is a grain of truth to that dark humor.  Sometimes the more activities you have, the more people stay at those activities, and don't venture into the stores to shop.

Another thing that I ponder on is, when did people become so aggressive in their offers? I mean I know and understand that this business calls for and expects some haggling. Its been around since time in memorial.  Just all at the stalls at Alexandria and the Turkish markets.  But today you can have a piece that is priced, fairly, at $50.00 and someone will offer you $10.00 for it.  I mean really? Come on if I did that in Macy's I'd be laughed at. But some folks think that its customary for an obscene offer to be made on items.  Part of the problem is that many think that dealers pay little if anything for merchandise. Honestly, sometimes this is true, but with business expenses being what they are today, picking up a "steal" for $1.00 at a yard sale and selling it for $75.00 are becoming rare and hold less and less meaning. Please don't make rude offers  This job is how many of us put food in the table and pay bills.Just ask what the best price is and if its still too high, walk away from it.   AND its OK for a customer to say,"This is all I have or This is all I can afford." That's all it takes. we might not take it but we could surprise you. Just  stop with the nasty offers and comments.

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