Monday, September 22, 2014

 Insider Tip: 

You know selling is an art.  There are hundreds of books, blogs and websites on selling.  Many excel at it and some stumble along.  In regards, to personal property many make huge mistakes.  From time to time, I"m going to offer little tips and hints to aide you in selling your property.  Now, we both know that the market is soft for many items.  The term "soft" means they won't sell well in the open market.  Strike one. So, folks you don't want to be making mistakes now.  One mistake is that many make, is that they either, sing the praises of their property too highly OR they degrade it to the point that no one wants it.   Just be cool with it.  State the facts, your price, note its condition and let the piece speak for itself.  If you talk too much about how fine or how bad it is, it makes the (possible) buyer skiddish. Just be calm over it.  Less is more, sometimes.

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