Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Querulous Quandaries

 Ahhh the funny things that happen in the store.  A woman asked me the other day, " Do you buy silver?" "Yes, I do" I said, " But I don't buy silver plate. "Oooh, I don't have plates, I have coins." Well I don't buy coins, that's just not my field." She said, "These are 1/2 dollars are they worth anything?" Quickly I said, "Yes, but it depends on the year and the condition. They might be more valuable than a bullion price, those could be collectors items." Then she said, so seriously, "I'm going to polish them and bring them to you to look at." "NOOOO" , I almost shouted. " Don't polish them you could ruin them!" Then she said, "Well...good, cause' I'm out of polish." I said, "Good, don't go buy any either." Then she said, "Never mind, I gave those 1/2 dollars away years ago. I just wondered if I should have polished them or not." A strange call. lol. I wager she did polish them. lol

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