Monday, June 22, 2015

Mean While Back At The Store

 Forgive me for not getting on here and writing the latest exploits of the store.  The late spring and summer seasons have me reeling.   Thought you might get a kick out of this one.  Promise I'll write more soon.

The day was so good, the past week end was so  GREAT! The customers were beautiful, fun, interested and really wanted to be here.   Then today this happened...

Man upon leaving the store,

Man:  You sure do have a lot of stuff in here.

Me: Yeah, I try.

Man:  I mean you have a LOT of stuff in here.

Me: Well, yes, that's part of the business. You can't sell from an empty wagon.

Man: What wagon? I didn't see no wagon.

Me: The store is the wagon.

Man:  This building is on a wagon?

Me: Symbolically not literally

Man:  Now who made that symbolically wagon?  I've heard of that one. Can I see it?

Me:  No, I'm sorry I don't let people look at it.

Man:   Son, I don't blame you. People will just worry you to death over it.  Thanks I'll come back one day.

He was very elderly and I don't think he got out much. Everyday is a new experience.