Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Review:

Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage by John Van Willigen
 OK, I'm really excited about this.  Just checked this out of my public library. I'll make sure to add it to my appraisal / reference book collection.  If you have any interest in the food and cooking heritage of Kentucky, you've got to lay hands on this book. This is  200 Years of  Southern Cuisine & Culture, Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage by John Van Willigen.  What a book!  This is not a typical cookbook, there are some recipes inside, but its all about the history of cook books in Kentucky.  Yes, local folks, Harrodsburg is featured several times with mentions of Beaumont Inn, Shaker Village and Thelma's Treasures.  Covers history of famous places, authors and the foods. But what I love is the detailed bibliography in the back. Boy there are a lot of central Kentucky cookbooks that I've never heard of.  This annotated bibliography covers just about every major work from, the 1839 edition of the Kentucky Housewife to books published in 2008. This is a must have for anyone in the book trade. Has 299 numbered pages with a full index and that bibliography don't forget.  Hard back editions are still available at local book stores and I'm sure on line. I spotted it at Amazon for about $38.00.  In time, you'll find it cheaper, but don't wait too long.    Would also make a great Christmas gift for the food lover in your life. 


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  2. Are Cissy Gregg and Camille Glenn mentioned?

    1. Yes, both have several entries. As well as Marion Flexner (Out of KY Kitchens), Sharon Thompson and Ronni Lundy.